Singapore Casket and Funeral Services for Roman Catholics - Eternal Life Catholic Packages

Roman Catholic Funeral Packages

Eternal Life believes in reasonable pricing for our clientele during this time of grief. As such, we have tailored packages of different costs, starting from only $2,980. The services offered in our packages are chosen to ensure that the funeral is complete and satisfactory for our clientele and their friends and families. Prices are guaranteed to be competitive. 

Our packages typically include:

Note however, our packages do not include the costs of tentages or the rental of funeral parlours. This will allow us to pick the best solution for each family's unique requirements and location.

To serve our customers better, our packages are also flexible and allow for upgrades to the casket or coffins offered in the packages with additional charges. Please consult our funeral directors for assistance in pricing.

Below are some examples of packages that we offer:

Roman Catholic Rose Package ($2,980)

Roman Catholic Lily Package ($3,580)

Roman Catholic Orchid Package ($4,480)