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Funeral services for Christians and Roman Catholics are simple, peaceful and serene. However, there are many matters one has to tend to for a proper and smooth funeral serviceAt Eternal Life Casket (Singapore), we provide a wide range of services as shown below just to meet your needs. We avoid engaging external contractors as much as possible so as to keep our funeral services affordable.

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Pre-plan Your Funeral Now

In today's generation, people are more receptive to the idea of planning their own funeral. At Eternal Life (Singapore), we encourage pre-planning of funerals as there are advantages to it. Firstly, pre-planning means that we can personalise our own funeral to suit our own preferences within our budget.  Also, it takes the burden off family and friends during such a period of grief to plan our funeral. Pre-planning is also beneficial for people who might not have family members that can help plan their funerals when they have departed. 

Caskets and Coffins - are they different?

Many Singaporeans view the coffin or casket as an important tribute to their beloved one. The difference between a Casket and a Coffin is basically the design. Caskets are rectangularly shaped while coffins are designed based on the humans' body structure - wider at the shoulders, tapered at the head and foot of the coffin. However, in today's world, both terms are often used interchangeably.

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Different caskets and coffins are made differently depending on a number of factors one of which is whether it is made for burial or for cremation. Caskets made of stronger wood like teak are usually used for burials for practical purposes. Different caskets/coffins are also subtlely different in designs depending on the preferences of the family members.

Sound System

Eternal Life has a complete sound system that includes an organ available for rent upon request. Music helps create the atmosphere that is appropriate for a funeral. It is also used during night services.

Professional Embalming

At Eternal Life, our Professional Morticians will perform embalming, cleaning and makeup services for the deceased. Our aim is for the deceased to look as natural and as peaceful as possible. For females, we can also apply the deceased's favourite lipstick colour upon request. Regardless of Christianity or Catholicism, our morticians will see to the completion of this procedure with care and professionalism.


Floral decorations are a vital component of funerals in Singapore. As such, it would be good for family members to liaise with our Funeral Directors to craft out a floral arrangement unique to the deceased in remembrance of him/her. Tips on floral arrangement with regards to the type of flowers and colours of flowers to use will be given.

Memorial Hall Setup

Being the most important part in any Singapore's Christian or Catholic Funeral, the memorial hall's design must bring out a simple and peaceful atmosphere. If possible, the memorial hall should also bring back fond memories of the deceased's well-lived life. The setup consists of our customised backdrop, floral decorations as well as white curtains.

As a funeral is a once-in-a lifetime event, we would thus encourage family members to propose or customise a unique funeral memorial hall setup based on the deceased's preference. Needless to say, our Funeral Director will personally assist in the planning.     

Exhumation Services

Exhumation Services are also available at Eternal Life (Singapore). Exhumation services might come in needy for family members especially with the recent news of the government plans to exhume over 80,000 graves to make way for the Tengah Air Base Expansion (See news here). Eternal Life covers everything that is needed for an exhumation - from claiming whatever that has been buried, cremation and all the way to the completion of niche installation.

Quality Urn and Installation 

A columbarium is regarded as the final resting for the remains of our loved ones. Niche Installation and the sale of Urns in various materials, such as Onyx, Marble and Granite can also be done at Eternal Life (Singapore).  We have a wide range of well-designed plaques available to suit the needs of your family. The price of the urn together with a standard plague starts from just $750.

Family members can choose a preferred verse from the Word of God extracted from the bible, to be carved on the plaques together with the deceased name and age.

Ashes can be placed in either of the two Government Columbariums in Singapore:

Single and double niches are avaliable for selection and these niches are under the free-hold scheme. Prices are also much more affortable compared to the private columbarium.

Prices of niche @ government columbarium: 

$500 for Single niche, $900 for Double niche.
*Prices stated are correct as of 8th September 2016.
An additional $250 will be charged for selection of slots.

We also provide relocation of niche services if needed.

Repatriation Services

In today's society where globalisation has taken place and it is commonplace for Singaporeans to be working overseas, death can occur overseas and the dearly departed might need to be imported back into Singapore. Eternal Life (Singapore) Casket deals with such cases as well. As a general rule of thumb, there are a few documents that is needed for the import to be carried out:

- Export Permit for the Casket by the foreign country

- Import Permit for the Casket 

- Transportation Documents (Air Waybill)

- Sealing Certificate for the Casket

- Embalming Certificate 

- Cremation/ Burial Permit

- Death Certificate issued by the country where death occurred with English translation together with a Statutory Declaration

- Deceased's Identification Papers

- Letter of Authority from the Family Members

The death will have to be reported to Singapore's Registry of Births & Deaths, Citizen Services Centre by the deceased's immediate family members.

Please do not hesitate to call us for further assistance.

Overnight Security

Should family members need any assistance over the course of the night to guard the funeral area due to a variety of reasons, let us know and we will make the necessary arrangements to help ease your burdens.

VIP Funeral Hearse

A main service that we provide for Christian Funerals and Catholic Funerals is the Funeral Hearse for the Final Journey. There are two variations of Funeral Hearse that we provide in our Funeral Services. The Classic Funeral Hearse caters to the majority of the familes in Singapore. It is simple and yet presentable at the same time. However, families who prefer a more prestigous Funeral Hearse can request for a Mercedes Funeral Hearse.

Photography, Montage & Video Services

Our media crew that specializes in capturing moments during a funeral can provide the service of taking videos and/or photos, compiling them into a montage where several years down the road the family can play it out to reminiscene the memoirs.

Appreciation Gifts

As a form of additional service, simple appreciation gifts will be given to friends, family members and relatives to thank them for going through this moment of grief with you.

Food Catering 

We also provide catering services with menus tailored to suit families' preferences. We have a wide range of delicacies and desserts ready for selection. Vegetarian meals will also be prepared if requested by families. 


John 5:24
""Truly, truly, I say to you, he who hears My word, and believes Him who sent Me, has eternal life, and does not come into judgment, but has passed out of death into life.