Free Thinker

Free Thinker Funeral Packages

With the emergence of more free-thinkers in recent years (see news here), Eternal Life Casket (Singapore) has acknowledged this trend and designed funeral packages specially for free-thinkers.

Free-thinker packages include:

Packages starts from only $2,980 and includes everything needed for a simple funeral. 

A point to consider might be that since it is a free-thinker funeral, there might be the absence of services conducted normally by Priests/ Pastors at night during the wake. Instead of having the service, family members can plan simple things like sharing fond memories of the dearly departed using a memory rack and video, playing songs that the dearly departed enjoys listening to and preparing an eulogy to share with family and friends. If done properly, a free-thinker funeral can actually be very meaningful and personal. Please do not hesitate to phone us if you have any special requests and we will do our best to customise the funeral so as to better serve you and your family.