What to do following the passing of a loved one

What to do following the passing of a loved one?

1. Contact us for immediate assistance @ 6455 5288 (24hours) and we will tend to you.

2. All deaths occurring in Singapore needs to be registered within 24 hours of occurrence. Below are the two places where death can occur and the corresponding procedures to be followed:

3. The body would be collected and transported to our own Embalming Centre for cleaning and makeup.

4. In remembrance of your loved one, please bring along one set of clothing belonging to the deceased including undergarments, socks, shoes and/or rosary and pass them to us.

5. Choose 1 photograph of the deceased for us to enlarge for it to be used during the funeral.

6. Call your respective Town Council to apply for void deck usage permit if you are planning to hold the funeral at the void deck. Otherwise, we will help in the arrangment of a funeral parlour.

7. Meet us at the Funeral Memorial Site for funeral service preparations.

We are committed to provide the best funeral services in accordance to the last wishes of the deceased and the religious aspects based on the Christian or Roman Catholic service order.