Life and Death and the In-Between

Posted: 23rd Aug 2017

Just recently, I coincidentally attended a funeral and a baby shower on the very same day. It then dawned upon me how intricately linked life and death is. Seeing the birth of a newborn, seeing babies are always a joyous occasion. Facing death however, is at the other end of the spectrum - solemn and sad. I guess births and deaths are all part of life and every single day someone dies while a new life is created. It got me thinking seriously about what happens in between.

Every single day we are faced with choices that will no doubt have consequences, albeit small or big. Every day is a brand new day, brand new chance to live our life right, to make things right. All it takes is a little effort and some proactivity. 

Work takes up a huge part of our lives and sometimes even all of our lives. We oftentime get so caught up with busyness that we forgot what's really important in life, that we forgot that there really is a lot more to life than work. Every day we are faced with dilemmas - work or family time? Life on Earth is very short. Before you realise, time passes you by. I guess what I am trying to say is - make time for what really matters, don't forget that sometimes it takes very little to be happy. Focus on what is eternal and not what's temporary. Afterall, when we die, it's not like we can bring anything along with us. What leaves behind are memories people have of us. People are sentient beings. They don't remember exactly what was said in a conversation but they do remember how we make them feel. 


We can't decide how we die but we sure can decide how we live. Make today count. As cliche as it sounds, be the change you want to see in yourself.